Property Audit

Three reasons why you need a Property Audit

  • Changes in working habits

In a Report by PWC this week, over three quarters of UK CEOs see a long term shift towards remote collaboration. This will impact on the amount of office space needed, so it's critical to start thinking about your future requirements now.

  • Changes in technology

Every business owner is facing a technology tsunami, needing to change the way they do business following the lockdown experience. AV has a critical role to play in any organisation attempting to get ahead through digital transformation, so making those changes is best done when the new office has been thought through.

  • Changes in markets

Office rents are predicted to fall by 44% over the next two years, so it’s critical that you put yourself in a position to take advantage of that. Your competitors will. That may involve negotiations now taking advantage of the government advice, or it may mean checking the timing if you want to exercise a break clause as deadlines for these items are strictly applied by law.

Service charges can also be reconsidered now. Some are rising as landlords deal with issues related to Covid- 19. Some retailers such as Boots are keen to ensure that future service charges are inclusive, so if the landlord overspends then it is a landlord issue not a tenant cost. Previously, tenants have had no success achieving this but the current market does make it more possible.

We offer a Free Property Audit which will allow you to match your future property requirements with your new business requirements. Please email Gareth or Konnie to make an appointment.

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